What are your team key projects?

Aviation Systems at EDC takes care of aero structures design (wing, nacelles) and is expanding its scope of activities to other aircraft components.
Due to engagement in new project, there is strong demand for experienced electrical engineer, who will design, execute on build, test and validate new electrical motor for aviation.

You will work on

  • Designing and development of high speed and power density electrical motors and generators for aviation
  • Executing on build of the prototype units
  • Testing and design validation
  • Electromagnetic analysis with FEM software
  • Ownership of hardware from concept, specification, design, prototype, validation to manufacturing
  • Liaising with system design, power electronics, heat transfer functions
  • Certification of integrated drive-trains
  • Active involvement and creation of Intellectual Property
  • Cooperating with Project Leader to protect budget and schedule
  • Estimating budget needed to complete agreed tasks
  • Support assembly of the designed motor on the aircraft
  • Support flight test campaign
  • Assuring proper documentation (CAD Models, 2D drawings, reports and manuals) of technical data generated to substantiate assigned components/ assemblies consistent with engineering policies and procedures
  • Monitoring and communicating project status internally and externally for related activities
  • Participating as a presenter or reviewer in technical reviews in person or remotely

What we expect from you?

  • Master or PhD degree in Electrical Engineering, specialization in Electrical Machines
  • Practical hands on experience, preferably with variable speed generators and motors
  • Expert in soft and hard magnetic materials
  • Good knowledge of insulating systems and cooling
  • Significant experience in testing and validation
  • Familiarity with industry standards, specifically IEC, UL, CSA
    FEM software proficiency, particularly calculation of losses, equivalent circuit parameters and transient operation modelling
  • Aviation related engineering experience will be an advantage
  • Demonstrated team work and self-reliance in assigned tasks
  • Open mind, problem solving attitude, "can do" approach
  • Willingness to continuous learning and sharing best practices within the organization
  • Ability to work under time pressure and with budget/ resources constraints
  • Knowledge of industrial standards, manufacturing processes and techniques
    Target oriented, responsible
  • Demonstrated high written and verbal communication skills, proficient English skills (spoken & written)
  • Ability to travel abroad and work with global team members across cultural boundaries

What extra you can get?