Key information

GE Aviation systems is extending our global product design capability to the Engineering Design Centre (EDC) in Warsaw, Poland. Our product range includes high integrity avionics and power plant controllers for various safety critical applications in aerospace and power generation industries. Our range also includes UAVs and Crew Interface Systems (CIS) such as cockpit displays and similar.

We’re searching for engineers with following specialties: ANALOG, DIGITAL and FPGA electronics.

What we expect from you?

Required experience:

  • Circuit analysis and design of interface circuits based on requirements.
  • Appreciation of design for EMC techniques to accommodate EMI and Lightning protection.
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Experience of Dfx (Design for Test, Manufacture, Reliability) best practice
  • Experience integrating and verifying electronic modules and products.
  • Must be able to work according to company and industry standards and design processes.
  • Ability to author documentation (e.g. plans, requirements, design descriptions, test procedures etc).
  • Experience integrating and verifying electronic modules and products.
  • Demonstrated experience and knowledge of PCB technologies and manufacturing
  • Comfortable communication in English

Desirable experience:

  • Design for environment (e.g. Vibration, temperature)
  • Design process assurance (e.g. DO-254)
  • Aerospace or similar safety critical design experience (e.g. automotive, medical).

Desirable tools experience:

  • Schematic Capture (e.g. Mentor Graphics)
  • Circuit modelling and simulation (e.g. SIMetrix, Spice)
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel)
  • Requirements management (e.g. DOORS)

Additional skills

Additional skills for an Analog specialization:

  • Detailed knowledge of low voltage, high performance small signal circuit design for interfacing with single ended and differential signals
  • Working experience designing sensor interface elements (e.g. RTD, 4-20ma, Voltage Inputs, strain gauge etc)
  • Working experience of the key elements of analogue circuit design: op-amps, BJTs, FETs, A-D conversion, filter design and characterisation, CMR, PSR, thermal compensation and noise rejection techniques

Additional skills for a Digital/FPGA specialization:

  • Detailed knowledge of microprocessors and microcontrollers interfacing, high speed digital, signal integrity and interfacing with FPGAs/software
  • Detailed knowledge of memory device interfacing (e.g. DDR3, SDRAM, FLASH, EEPROM)
  • Working knowledge of video and graphics interfacing (e.g. Analogue Video; S-Video, composite, RGB, RS170, Stanag3350. Digital video; Open LDI (LVDS), DVI, HDMI, Display Port, ARINC818, SDI)
  • Working experiencing of digital data busses (e.g. SPI, I2C, Ethernet)
  • Working experience in ADC and DAC control and interfacing

Additional skills for an FPGA specialization:

  • Working experience in design and/or verification of FPGA based systems
  • Working experience in VHDL programming

What extra you can get?